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Brunei Hotel Lobby

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Project Type: Design & Build

Client: PAZ Holdings

The Brunei Hotel, located on the corner of Jalan Pemancha in the heart of Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, is the country’s first hotel established in 1957. The hotel is a significant landmark in the country’s history and has undergone renovation, especially in the lobby area, to enhance its appearance and aesthetic value. The renovation project aimed to introduce a new, modern and warm welcoming entrance to the hotel that seamlessly blended modern and traditional design elements.

The design research process began by examining the local traditional materials from the surrounding old buildings like timber, rotten weaving, and pattern. Adopted a contemporary design approach to redefine the materials’ colours and textures, resulting in a unique and inviting space. Without losing the traditional appeal, the redesigned space introduces modern furniture that blends in with the interior design, making it a charming and welcoming location for local and international guests.

The Brunei Hotel renovation project lies in the seamless blend of modern and traditional design elements. The redesigned space enhances the hotel’s aesthetic values without compromising its historical significance. As a result, the hotel offers a modern, cosy and warm boutique hotel experience in Brunei, suitable for both local and international guests.

In conclusion, the Brunei Hotel renovation project redefined the oldest hotel in the country’s history, giving it a new identity that blends seamlessly with the surrounding traditional design elements. The project can be attributed to the use of local traditional materials, contemporary design approach, and modern furniture, resulting in a harmonious and welcoming space for guests and visitors.

Photoprapher: Fabian Ong

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